About Me


WELCOME to my first ever blog! Well, I never expected to be doing this! I can see already how joining the ocTEL course is going to help me develop my knowledge and skills in using technology for the enhancement of learning – starting with my own! I hope to be able to share what little I do know with others and I am looking forward to learning a lot myself along the way so I can then draw on new knowledge and experience to inspire teaching staff I work with.

A little about me for those interested.

I work as an Educational Development Officer and my role involves supporting others in the professional development of their own teaching practice; a crucial part of my role is to stay abreast of current developments and innovations within the sector in order to be able to disseminate areas of good practice that I believe may be of use to our staff with teaching responsibilities.  This is the main reason that I am interested in my own ongoing professional development and am keen to engage in activities which can help me to become as informed and experienced as possible in my field of educational development. Starting this blog has arisen as a direct consequence of joining the ocTEL MOOC this April (2013).

By academic and professional background is in Linguistics, English for Academic Purposes (EAP) and Professional Development of Teaching Staff – all at the University of Essex, Colchester where I studied and then worked from 1992 through to 2010 when I left to join the team at Royal Holloway, University of London (RHUL). My key areas of interest are assessment and feedback; curriculum development; teaching; learning; and the development of students academic skills.

I have four adult children and one grandson of whom I am very proud: my two eldest are teachers, one son is a Teaching Assistant and the youngest is involved in the employment and development of young apprentices in business, so we are all engaged in education of some kind or other!

I have a beautiful, old, ram-shackled home in Harwich Essex, and I live with my adorable, nutty partner Mark in Godstone, Surrey. Life is hectic and complicated, but there’s never a dull moment. I adore travelling, music, coking, the countryside and being outdoors, reading, socialising, dancing, walking, driving my MX 5 with the top down,  and walking my lovable old lab Marley.


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